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Question What are the recent trends/best practices in mobile GIS?


gO Newbie
Oct 4, 2019
Hello everyone,

I am currently following a research internship for my IT education.
For the organization where I currently work, I have to do research into current and future developments in mobile GIS (geographic information system).
This means that specific research must be done within my organization into a mobile GIS application.
I have already been able to find everything about GIS, but I want to stay within my scope of research as much as possible.
I have already used all kinds of databases and search engines to get as much relevant information as possible, but this sometimes proves to be difficult for me to answer certain sub questions correctly. This is my first internship that I do.

I have some sub-questions within my research that need to be answered:
  1. What are the trends of mobile GIS and what is the definition of mobile GIS? (mostly info found)
  2. What is happening with mobile GIS? (What are the best practices of mobile GIS?)
I currently have difficulty finding best practices within mobile GIS. I was able to find a few whitepapers with possible best practices.
For example, suppliers with best practices but also users of mobile GIS.
My question: Does someone have certain papers or white papers or research documents that may be important for my research?
Also known as best practices for mobile GIS.

Thank you in advance,

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