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Guide Want to know how to surf ArcGIS data with a Google map interface?


gO Newbie
Apr 19, 2018
Gmap4 is an enhanced Google map viewer that I developed as a public service and part of my way to “pay it forward”. The first version went online in 2009. The current beta release for version 9 lets anyone surf ArcGIS data almost as easily as you surf the internet.

Everyone is welcome to use Gmap4 with the exception that commercial use is not allowed. Use by teachers and government employees is encouraged. In particular, I hope that students in middle school and high school will use Gmap4 to explore geospatial data for their local communities.

Here is a pdf file that has a link to launch the beta code. This file also has step-by-step instructions for using this new feature plus related information including how to save your map.


Also I have compiled a list of the REST endpoint for 600+ federal, state, regional, county and city ArcGIS servers. That list is in the following pdf file.


If you try the Gmap4 beta code then I thank you for doing so and I would enjoy hearing any feedback you care to share.

Joseph Elfelt