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Question Versioned views (formerly multiversioned views) randomly disappear Oracle ArcSDE 10.4.1


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Jun 21, 2018
Hello Folks,

ArcSDE 10.4.1

feature class: streetlights
geometry: points, st_geometry
versioned: yes
archiving: no
editor tracking: no
relationship class: yes (to poles feature class)

We have written some pl/sql to do some custom versioned updates to a versioned feature class against its versioned view.

The feature class is called streetlights and the automatically created versioned view when registered as versioned is called streetlights_evw.

The pl/sql we wrote works great. I added it to a database scheduler job to run daily. All is good, except the streetlights_evw seems to randomly disappear from the database, with no rhyme or reason, resulting in some invalid pl/sql code and job that fails daily.

Here is the timeline:
4/20/2018 the streetlights feature class was created. Around 45 minutes later it was registered as versioned. The pl/sql code and job were setup and working great.

database job only has history back until 5/23/2018 and had been failing the entire time going forward.

sometime between 4/20 and 5/23 the streetlights_evw disappeared.

I can't say for sure what alterations were made to the feature class. Its possible columns and such could have been added/altered, as well as subtypes and domains. I can say that the feature class has been registered as versioned the entire time and that nobody accidentally deleted the versioned view.

Have any of you seen randomly disappearing *_evw versioned views for registered as versioned objects?

The fix in the meantime is to run the "enable sql access" via arccatalog to recreate the versioned view, but I'd like to prevent this from happening at all.


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