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May 24, 2018
Historical Vancouver Maps and Plans

The Vancouver Archives contains over 4000 historic maps and plans that have been repaired, restored, scanned, and made them freely available to the public to use. The collection is searchable and view-able in full resolution through an online database.

One of the collections in the Vancouver archives is the 1912 Goad’s Atlas which shows every single building in the city at that time, the old streetcar lines, and the location of long-gone piers that were located along the waterfront. Goad’s Atlas was used at the time by insurance companies that were trying to assess the risk of a property to fire damage, to determine fire insurance liability. The digitizing of the 1912 Goad’s Atlas earned the project a BC Heritage award in the Heritage Education & Awareness category.

The 1912 Goad’s Atlas maps was also added to Vanmap, the city’s online mapping application and made available to download via the Vancouver’s open data catalogue. The Vanmap interactive map allows people to search for all sorts of spatial data of Vancouver and surrounding areas including recent orthophotography.

Click here for more details about Vancouver historic maps and plans
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