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Question Spatial database


gO Newbie
Jun 23, 2020
Hi all,

I am currently working in a project where we store the data locally in HDDs so i have the idea to create a spatial database but i have some questions that i state next:

I am at begining level respect spatial database so maybe the questions could be a bit trivial

1) What options i have to create a spatial database? I have search options and i guess the best is a post gis database but could i have different type of files in the sense that i have data, that could be represented in a shapefile like "soil moisture probes location" but the soil moisture data is stored in tables (.csv or .xlsx) so, can i link the info?, i though that i could separate each soil moisture probe in a single shpafile where the attribute table corresponds to the measuremets

2) How can i show the data? following with the above example, i would to create a some kind of visualization, "R shiny app" for example where when someone click the soil moisture probe a graph with data apear

How i said above i am in the looking for tools state, so if you have experience with kind of development i would be happy to read yours tips

Best regards,
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