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May 23, 2018
Hey Everyone,

Really trying to disrupt how the community looks at information. Currently Facebook has several rummage sales sites. Over time I'd like to develop this map more, but for now will be manually watched. I'm going to work on setting up a filtering system that updates where people will be required to list a "posting date to end of sale date" where they can choose to advertise from a certain day to another. Or maybe I should only allow it to display 24 hours prior the start of a sale. I haven't really decided. Looking for some advice. Here's the link:


I'm pretty limited right now, because I don't have Enterprise nor a web server at this point in time to work from. Let me know what solutions you have found for things like this. Should I just use a different software?



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Jan 26, 2018
I really like that map. Simple and easy to use. End dates are important...definitely make it a mandatory field. I get aggravated seeing Garage Sale signs for "today" or "this weekend" that have been there for months (with no address). I guess it's a pet peeve of mine.

I don't know of any people that do this, but I think there are some that plan road trips around massive rummage/garage sales.

Here's one suggestion, can you setup symbology to show "24 hours or less" and "24 hours to 72 hours", "72 hours +"... or a handy temporal symbology method to show sales about to happen or planned. There is definitely more planning associated with that, though. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if that's possible with the limitations.
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