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Question Rhino Import Does Not Match ArcMap Projection


gO Newbie
Jul 23, 2019
In Rhino, my map seems to be at a random oblique angle, but in ArcMap the map looks right. I was wondering where the problems were.

The map is a portion of Detroit's building footprints, parcels and roads. In ArcMap, I used Projected Coordinate Systems --> State Plane --> NAD 1983 (Meters) --> NAD 1983 StatePlane Michigan South FIPS 2113 and set output type to DXF_R14. I set Rhino unit to Meters when opening a blank file and when importing the dxf, selected "Meters" as model and layout units. The imported map was not only at an oblique angle but also much smaller in dimension as it should've been (i.e. 0.001m for the length of a building). It also did not display the correct extent of data as had been set in ArcMap.

I also tried setting output type to DWG in ArcMap but the result remained the same.

The attachments show two screenshots of what appeared on my ArcMap and Rhino screen.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!


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