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Advice Relatively new to GIS, what to learn?


gO Newbie
Aug 2, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm new here! :) My name is Isaiah and I'm studying geography at the moment, soon to begin my final year and I have really gotten into the idea to work in GIS in the future! I was thinking of taking a 2 year master after I graduate but before then I would like to "catch up" somewhat :). So far I have about 45 ECTS (university credits) of pure GIS but they've mostly covered rather basic handling of ArcGIS and QGIS. Do you guys have any tips on what I should focus on to be as broad as possible in my knowledge? I'm thinking of for example some programming courses, which language do you encounter or use most in your work? SQL? Java?

Any other tips on what would be useful to learn?

Thanks everyone!

Saludos! //Isaiah
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