Help Overlay analysis for reforestation site selection, how to narrow down the most suitable sites.


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Apr 26, 2021
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I'm seeking advice on best approaches to narrow down the most suitable sites from a weighted overlay analysis.

About the project:
My non profit organization from Northern Colorado is performing a weighted overlay analysis to choose the most suitable sites to plant cottonwood trees along a riparian buffer. Our inputs include:
-Vegetation Height (LiDAR derived) 30% influence
-Slope (LiDAR derived) 30% influence
-NDVI (NAIP) 30% influence
-Flood Zones (from a local study) 10% influence

Scale: 1-3 points
Red = Least Suitable (1)
Yellow = Moderately suitable (2)
Green = Most Suitable (3)

Our current output from the overlay analysis looks promising (snipped image of the output attached) but we are discussing best practices to narrow down and choose the best sites from our weighted overlay result. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on how to further refine this spatial analysis to help narrow down our most suitable area to 10 or so sites, for example, rather than just a continuous rating of sites across the study area.

Thank you for your time!



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