Advice Novice Needing Semi-Pro Setup


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Sep 28, 2021
Hello geo-spatial sub-internet cult! hehe...

I travel a lot, I photograph a lot, I am a computer engineer. My geo-tracking tools ATM are google maps and lightroom map module... I am seeking improvements and would like to discuss with the experts.

My travel and photography workflow is as follows:
  1. Learn about a new place, mark the place full of "want to go" markers in google maps for each attraction.
  2. Eventually (sometimes a decade later) travel there... when I have been, change the pin from "want to go" to "been here" or add a new if not already marked.
    1. I will often reference these for geotagging photos manually, because professional cameras still suck at this.
      1. Recently I've been using an app to track my location to assist as well, really helps but the cheapest apps seem the best.
    2. I have learned that, after traveling somewhere, I will often have MORE "want to go" markers than before I left! I guess that happens as you learn about a location.
      1. This is a problem, gmaps can only display 500 points. So I started isolated points of long ago visited places into other lists, want to visit and been here, for each country... but you can't change pins so this terrible solution is even more terrible.
  3. Anyway, after going there I then import into lightroom and place my photos on the map for geo-tagging.
    1. I am a little concerned about the usefulness of this lightroom map module beyond tagging the photos... I need something more interoperable.
So, I would like to identify a new piece of software that can help improve my workflow, the following is wish list of improvements:
  • Main Goal: track where I want to go and where I have been, where each photo was take in a flexible and interoperable piece of software (maybe google earth is right, no idea).
  • Be able to export all my google maps points and tracks and import them into this new system, ideally being able to modify things in batch fashion like a spreadsheet (e.g. move all Turkey - want to visit markers to a general WTV marker, something I have to do 1 by 1 in g maps).
  • 100k markers, custom marker symbols, less limitations than gmaps.
  • Be able to export from this software to google maps for each trip (or maybe the software provides an equivalent App instead).
  • ideally, I'd love the software to integrate with gmaps so I can use it for research in place of gmaps, so it will show businesses and suck.
  • Be able to batch place markers in this new software from geotagged photos would be nice (though I need to address overlap between the photos and gmaps and geotracker data at this point).
  • Ideally, offline so I don't have to give google my data and can delete it after conversion to new system/software.
I think I have about 1000-2000 marks in gmaps, and about 10,000 geotagged photos. I have a few gps tracking logs but suspect gmaps has a few years of these I might want to maintain. Basically, I just need google maps for professional geospatial computer engineers who don't want to have to program too too much... is that so much to ask =)

Anyway... totally just looking for input, suggestions, brainstorming and I suspect someone knows already what I need based on what I want.

Thanks fellow cult members =)