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Sep 10, 2019

I am Larz60+, some will know me from Python-forum.io.

I have used spatial data in one form or another going back to the early days of Tiger Line Files in the early 1990's, but I have never really learned enough to do anything other than basic data extraction. I am hoping to get up to speed initially using QGIS, Openstreetmap, and PostgreSQL spatial libraries.

So to summarize, I'm pretty much a complete newbie!

I am a retired software engineer with over 50 years experience in Spectra-chemical Communications and embedded firmware engineering.

Current Language of choice is Python.

Hoping this old dog (70+) will learn some new tricks here.
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Welcome to geospatial Online! The best part of QGIS and what you mentioned is that it is free, so you can play around with all that you want and learn, learn, learn. Personally, I only played with it a little bit more for curiousity, but I would like to play a little more.

Were you doing any GIS in the 90s or simply collecting the data?