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Jan 26, 2018
I have rebuilt the "Software and Tools" forum in an attempt to make it less complicated and intimidating. This was the first test forum (that was a major category). Please take a look and tell me what you think. Reply here or send a PM to me with your thoughts. I still may have it too complicated and may simply remove most of the prefix options. If this setup works, I'll expand it to other forums, as well.

Old setup:
  • Can be viewed here:
    • Note, I will disable these links and all the forums within the categories once I determine that the new method is better.
  • Individual forums for each software and tool within each category. This made for MANY forums.
  • Don't worry, if not complete yet, I'll move the threads from the old setup to the new setup. No current threads will get deleted.
New setup:
  • Can be viewed here:
  • One forum for each main category, Commercial Desktop, Free and Open Source Desktop, etc.
  • Users choose a Prefix to determine particular software applications they are discussing.
  • When a new prefix is used, a browsing user can easily choose to view that one prefix type at the top of the forum.
  • The list of prefixes shown are in descending order from the number of posts. (The higher the number of posts with that prefix, the closer to the left the prefix is listed.)
  • An example of the prefixes can be seen at here (link).
  • Using the screenshot below, you can see the new options... Within the forum, click a prefix to see posts that only have that prefix. Within the forum, click the bottom one to clear the prefix. In this example, gvSIG prefix is selected. I can click on the gray bar (bottom) to clear the prefix.
Screenshot of a forum with a few prefixes shown:​
Sort prefix.png
I will be adding this setup to the Help, eventually. Sorry, it's not there yet. I also have some nicer changes planned for the Help.

I plan on doing something similar with some of the other forums. This "Software and Tools" category is my test category. Please tell me what you think.


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May 24, 2018
Like the the Prefix option, will be helpful when there are lots of posts in a category
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