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Jun 26, 2021
Hey all, I'm hoping that some of you guys might be able to help out. I am a resident of a town in Rockton IL, where last week had a massive chemical factory explode and spew debris and toxic chemicals over a distance of 50 miles. Unfortunately my house is only 3/4 mile.

chemtool shadow.jpg Chemtool-fire-2021-3-1-860x484.jpg

(yeah thats my house in the yellow circle) Its not great.
The fire was finally put out yesterday after 10 days of burning, and lots of screwups (like using 3000 gallons of PFAS foam at the start, some of which leaked into our river). Anyway, the huge company is not being forthcoming with information, forcing the residents affected to be doing citizen science. This is one of Warren Buffett's companies that have had their second fire like this in 20 months. (Check out #rocktonfire) I am collecting photographs from residents including photos of the fire, debris, and of animals/environment affected. I began this project with trying to use Google forms/maps, google photos/maps but quickly saw that that was probably not ideal.
Does anyone have some suggestions on the 'best' program to use that would allow me to take photos from community members, and apply them to a map using the geodata? Ideally, it would be collaborative where community members could just upload their own, but I imagine I will be taking the photos and uploading them myself. If you could provide any tips it would be greatly appreciated, as I'm a geospatial newbie.
Thank you in advance for any help you might have to offer.
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Sep 28, 2021
Wow... stumbled on this post. Do you know what chemicals were being manufactured there? That will tell me a lot about the dangers, but regardless, I work in industry and even if it were just wood burning, I would tell you to leave and probably never to return... if wood, 10 years minimum... your house is undoubtedly covered in carcinogenic materials if it was burning for 10 days. The real danger is that US regulatory systems are only concerned with "acute" dangers, meaning your getting sick now... but if you develop cancer 10 years from now, and it's proven that the cancer rate for that area is 10x higher than it used to be, you will have an up hill battle seeking compensation... everything is done for the benefit of business in the USA, so USA regulations are very very weak compared to our international counterparts.

Regarding the tool, not sure I can help.