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Jan 4, 2019
The course was carefully prepared to fill many of the theoretical and practical aspects of GIS that come from mapping, statistics, and photogrammetry, without becoming too difficult to grasp. With the help of 800 slides and 17 hours of recorded materials, the 15 sessions will:

· Help you prepare for the GISP exam (as per eGIS Associates) - especially in relation to coordinate systems, projections, and transformations;

· Support you when reading/writing RFPs/contracts;

· Make it easier for you to participate in discussions; and

· Improve your professional judgment.

Rent the sessions one by one, when convenient, 24/7, and watch on any media (computer, tablet, phone) with speakers or earphones.

Save this link: https://www.geocounsel.com/services/training/

About the instructor: https://www.geocounsel.com/about-geocounsel/
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