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Map customers to Marketing Campaigns


gO Newbie
Nov 19, 2020
I am working on an application that has to do with targeting a set of customers for a given country or state(s) or cities or distance from a co-ordinate or Adhoc region(geo-fence).

Let's say I have 1 million customers in my database with their latitude and longitude for their home address.

A given marketing campaign can target customers by country or state or city or by dynamic geo-fence. I WANTED TO KNOW what could be the scalable solution to filter the list of customers that fit into my marketing campaign target.

We do not want to use API calls that give detailed information of given coordinates and then we map it to campaign target, this is not scalable when we have to make 1 million API calls or even call API with a list of 1 million customers.

I am looking into SQL solutions where we make use of table joins (inner/equal) efficiency. On one hand, we have latitudes and longitudes of all customers, on another side, we want to maintain a location database with all possible scenarios. But not sure how to match customers to a campaign target using a static location database. Moreover what needs to be included in the location database.
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