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Looking for PRJ file suitable for global bathymetry/elevation

Gary Lucas

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Oct 21, 2018
I don't have access to a GIS system right now, so I was hoping somebody could help me out.

I am looking for a PRJ file (or just the well-known text content) suitable for a global bathymetry/elevation data set. The data products I'm interested in (ETOPO1 and GEBCO 2019) are derived from from heterogeneous sources, so I don't think it's helpful to be too fussy about datum... I believe that both are mapped to WGS84 by the data providers. Elevation/depth is given in meters about or below mean sea level. Both products use a geographic coordinate system with horizontal coordinates given in degrees referenced to Greenwich.

I need the WKT data to test some software I am writing. I've poked around on the web, but haven't found anything suitable (which surprises me, but it probably just means I'm not looking for the right thing).

Does anyone know where I can find a good example WKT with these spec's or have one they can send me?




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Feb 26, 2018
So are you looking for the WKT of ETOPO1 and GEBCO 2019? or WGS84?

I've had to input text to create a feature dataset spatial reference. Using Python, you can print the WKT of any .prj. Essentially:
cb = r'file.gdb\featureclass'
SR = arcpy.Describe(cb).spatialReference
print SR.exporttostring()

If I know the one that you're after, I'll throw the string out here.
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