Other Looking for an ideal GPS collector and storage software. Not ArcGIS collector but a close cheaper equivalent?


gO Newbie
Mar 18, 2019
I'm looking for a cost effective solution for a GPS data collection app that i can:
  • pair with my R1 trimble
  • upload GIS data to be housed within the software and appear on a map (over 1,000 points). Not too fussy about the format for upload but the more formats it can read the better. Essentially must be able to upload a large csv dataset or a shapefile (or equivalent) with many points.
  • export GPS points taken in the field to csv, kml and/ or shapefile
  • add attribute data to GPS points in the field
  • ability to take GPS points working offline
  • cost effective - ideally NOT a subscription.... ArcGIS Collector is too expensive for my organization.
Please help!!!! I've been looking online for a while but it's so hard to tell what the apps will be like without buying them...