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Jan 26, 2019
I started developing spatial software about 1980 at the CSIRO Division of Computing Research, Canberra, about 1980.
Although I had some exposure to the DISIMP satellite image processing system, my main project was the COLOURMAP interactive mapping system, which initially used the hardware developed for the Domestic Information Display System (DIDS) in the White House, and displayed Census and business data.
I later transported the COLOURMAP system to DOS, renamed it OzGIS, and made it available as shareware software. I spend too much spare time over the following years extending and updating the software, and moving it to Windows and Linux.
I am now retired, and have resurrected the OzGIS mapping system and made it available for free on SourceForge. So if you are interested in Census data, choropleth mapping, retail site selection etc, please try it out.


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Please feel free to post a link to OzGIS (on SorceForge) in our Resources section, https://www.geospatialonline.com/resources/software-and-applications/ (Feel free to put a link wherever you think it's most relevant, anywhere in the Resources section.) You can link to off-site software with no problems.
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