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gvSIG Learning GIS with Game of Thrones


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May 24, 2018
If you have been watching the Game of Thrones series on HBO then you will no doubt have noticed how important maps have been to the story and how often they appear in various episodes, from the 3D animated map in the opening credits, to the giant hand carved map table of Westeros located in the Kings Chamber at Dragonstone Castle.

The gvSIG Association have provided a pretty neat user guide titled ‘Learning GIS with Game of Thrones’ themed around the Game of Thrones series, aimed to encourage people to learn their popular user-friendly open source GIS software, while having some fun.

They have also provided free download of the Game of Thrones themed data that they use in their guide book. The data can be used to learn gvSIG, as well as used with almost any geospatial based software. Download the guide and data https://canadiangis.com/download-game-of-thrones-gis-data.php and try it out yourself ...
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