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Question Jagged overlapping contour lines instead of smooth natural curves


gO Newbie
Nov 15, 2019
I am absolutely a newbie to GIS, so I started my baby steps with Global Mapper. I am using version 20.0.0. on Windows 10 - 64 bit. I used SRTM Worldwide Elevation Data (1-arc-second Resolution, SRTM Plus V3) to generate contours out of a kmz file which is of location in Haryana, India.

The contour interval that I took was 0.5 metres. Some contour lines are coming out not to be smooth but unnatural, polygonal jagged.

Another trouble I am facing is that contour lines are overlapping, (as highlighted with with white doodles in the screenshot). In the contour generation options, I used 0.00 i.e. less simplificatipn.

What should I do to generate accurate contours?

Here is the kmz file used for site boundary.



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