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Question How Is 4d Cartography Best Applied to Add Value to the Viewer?


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Oct 13, 2020
Hi! I don't know if this is the right area to post this, but I didn't find any subcategory under which this falls.

I’m about to write my bachelor thesis in Geography with my main focus being GIS. I’m still in the process of finding a good topic. My supervisor and I narrowed it down to 4D cartography and if and how gaming engines like Unity can be used to create interactive 4D maps, the third dimension not necessarily having to be space and the fourth being time of course.
The main focus of my project is the technical feasibility of gaming engines for 4D maps, but I need to show it on an actual experiment.
So I’ve read a ton of articles throughout the last two weeks about 4D, which seems to be still a relatively new subject in the GIS world. There seem to be not even a hand full of articles about actual implementations of experiments with 4D maps (e.g. Bernd Resch et al. 2013: Towards 4D Cartography Four dimensional Dynamic Maps for Understanding Spatio temporal Correlations in Lightning Events).
Now I’m trying to come up with my own idea for an experiment but can’t really come up with something that is really convincing to me.
  • Visualize changes in population distribution over time through some sort of “topographic” map, where “mountains” are high population density. Lack of sufficient data makes it difficult.
  • Visualize changes in residential rents in cities. Again, lack of sufficient data makes it difficult.
  • Visualize sea level rise or flooding (there is already lots of software to simulate this)
  • Heat development in the city during summer (this one I can actually see a usefulness, because the architecture can have a big influence on heat development and microclimate and would have to be visualized in 3D)
  • Traffic accidents in a 3D map over time.
I feel like I just need some more inspiration of what useful stuff can be done with 4D. I figured there might be some experts here who are active in 4D cartography, maybe you can think of some other examples, where 4D can be usefully applied so that it produces added value to the viewer of the map?
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