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Hallo Hi - I'm never going to be an expert - I just want to do what EVERYONE wants to do


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Aug 10, 2018
Hi - I'm never going to be an expert - I just want to do what EVERYONE wants to do.

Don't know how to introduce myself any better than that.

My experience?
* I hike off trail every day in the same general set of four USGS quadrangles
* I've learned that OSM maps just don't have the accuracy of USGS maps
* I am a freeware junkie - so EVERYTHING is freeware (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android)
* I write up tutorials to help others whenever I learn anything

My software?
* Currently on Android & iOS I track and view the quadrangles using USGS-suggested Avenza crippleware with the 3-file limitation of USGS geospatial PDFs
* On Windows, I've used OziExplorer trialware to geocalibrate four USGS quadrangles cropped and abutted as one geoTIFF (which was a miserable experience)
* On Windows & Linux, I'm testing out Quantum GIS freeware using the WMS system - and havef been successful - but it's NOT what I want (nor would anyone)

I could give more details, but I'm not sure how to "introduce" myself, since I'm a solutions-focused kind of person.
Hope this explains me well enough for you to know why I may ask the questions I may ask.


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Jan 26, 2018
"solutions-focused kind of person"

I love that. ☝ There are so many people in our industry that fall into that category and you summed it up perfectly in one phrase.

(I find that there is nothing wrong with being a freeware junkie. I tend to be one, as well.)

Welcome to geospatial Online. I'm glad you have found us.


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May 30, 2018
Welcome! FOSS4G FTW! I'm a huge fan of QGIS, so if you need help (or just a QGIS advocate), let me know! I'm no expert, but it's my go-to software.


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May 4, 2018
Greetings and salutations! I love that you "write up tutorials to help others whenever I learn anything". That's awesome! Where can we find them?
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