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Hello Hi GIS enthusiast!


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Aug 29, 2019
Your Name: My name is Bo.
Why did you choose your particular username? My username is a reference to my cat Batman. She's a beautiful calico kitty that found in the hard-knock streets of Brooklyn, NY
What year did you start in your geospatial career? Relatively New. I did an internship last year and I fell in love in doing GIS software and I would love to pursue a career in GIS and environmental land management.
What geospatial niches have you worked in? Research on Stormwater in NYC
Outside of the GIS/geospatial industry, what else interests you?
I love hiking outdoors and learning the geology and history of parks and cities. My bucket list is going to all the National Park in the US and I have been to 6 so far. Other than that I love to draw, paint, and create stuff from scratch. I also have made costumes and all sort of creative work. I have an illustration degree before I switched track. I wanted to work something technically and visual. I ended up stumbling upon GIS. I recently received my earth and an environmental degree from Brooklyn College.
Feel free to post any other information you'd like to share.
I would love to work on GIS and data visualization work that deal with environmental land management that deals with climate change analysis.
I know some sql, python, and C.


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Jan 26, 2018
Welcome to geospatial Online!
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