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Hola Hi, from Colorado!


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Jan 26, 2018
Hello fellow geospatial enthusiasts! My name is Philip and I like long walks in the mountains. ? Ok, not as funny as I thought. ?

Seriously, though... my name is Philip Roy. I'm from Louisiana, originally, but now live in Colorado. I have 2 young girls who love to fight for my attention when my wife doesn't have it.

I love to get fellow geospatial enthusiasts together and chat. I have found that I tend to learn a lot more or come to with solutions while simply chatting about GIS or other geospatial matters. That may be why I wanted to build this website. I wanted to create a single place where any geospatial user can chat about anything... a vendor-neutral place where the open source users can discuss important matters with the commercial users. After all, there are many more things that can be discussed within the GIS realm than software issues (which are welcome, as well).

Getting back to me... because this thread is about me ?... I have a Geology degree and started in GIS in early 2002 at the UL Lafayette Regional Application Center (RAC) using ESRI ArcView 3.2a & Erdas Imagine. Yes, I remember themes and setting up multiple layouts (which I still miss).

Fast forward, I now work in Colorado Springs as a GIS Administrator. I work doing everything needed, but primarily do Oracle database administration, analysis, map production, problem solving, and sometimes a little project management. You know how it is. I do nearly everything because most people in the industry are problem solvers.

Most of my GIS knowledge and work experience is in Esri products but I also want to learn other GIS programs that are out there. So, I'll be playing around with some of them and probably asking a few questions in these forums.

Other interests: When my family doesn't have my attention, I have a right hand drive 1961 Jeep Willys CJ-6 that is a project and in pieces. ⛐ I admit that I need more knowledge and fabrication experience. Anyone want to help? I need it. (If anyone wants to talk Jeeps or 4x4s in general, I'm all for it.. I just started a thread here.) It has been a few years since I've been rock crawling. I also like hiking and spending time in the mountains. Since having my family, my hobbies have dwindled, though. I'd love to get a job where we can live in mountainous paradise.

Feel free to ask me anything else you'd like to know.
Philip Roy, GISP
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