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Help Help searching data on Ontario Govt data portal, PLEASE!

Luke m

gO Newbie
Nov 14, 2020
Help searching data using Ontario Open Data search tools. Hi all I am doing a GIS course and have been tasked, using the websites, https://geohub.lio.gov.on.ca/ and https://data.ontario.ca/, to find metadata for the following queries: 1. What was the source for the Archaeological Remains sites for Pembroke? 2. What is the positional accuracy documented for the no logging (no cutting) zones feature for the Province of Ontario? 3. Do any other municipalities other than the City of Toronto have their Ambulance station locations catalogued with LIO? 4. When searching by selecting a geographic feature by name, how many data sets are catalogued for the City of Kitchener, Ontario?

Please if anyone can help that would be great as I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING (Maybe I'm not thinking outside the box enough in my search)!! Thanks
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