Hola Hello from Santiago, Chile


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Jun 23, 2020
Your Name: Lucas
Why did you choose your particular username? It is my web user always
What year did you start in your geospatial career?
What geospatial niches have you worked in? Academy

Hi all,

I am Lucas, from Santiago, Chile. I have work with gis and geospatial data since 2018 when i started my bachelor final project respect irrigation in avocados in central Chile with remote sensing and soil water transfer models and then working as assistant investigator in a project respect asses the global change impacts over biomass and water yield at catchment scale.

Outside of the GIS and geospatial world i like to read and biking.

I am here because i have some questions about spatial databases and web apps and i guess that the idea of a geospatial community for solve question (and some laughs) is great!

Best regards
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