gO Newbie
May 31, 2021
Bangalore, India
At Kawa Space, we’re a super crazy bunch, building the future of how space-based solutions are provisioned and consumed at scale. We are a small bunch of geeks who are interested in writing code, passionate about building systems, curious in analyzing images from space and and deriving actionable insights to people on earth who need them.

We are looking for a GIS Associate with 2 + years of experience in developing solutions in the ESG sector, to join us in our mission to build a data-driven geo-intelligence platform.

What You Bring:
Familiarity with remote sensing data, and vector GIS data.
Knowledge of properties of Remote Sensing satellites both Active and Passive.
Familiarity with Linux.
Knowledge of GDAL and other Geospatial libraries, and experience with Open-Source GIS tools such as QGIS.
Traditional statistical methods and machine learning (clustering and regression)
Experience writing production code in Python3.
Experience with Google Cloud or AWS.
Experience with Docker/Kubernetes and Git.
2+ years of building geospatial solutions and undertaking projects in any domain.
Excellent coding practices.
Excellent communication skills.

What Makes You Stand Out:
Knowledge of TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, Scikit-learn.
Domain knowledge in ESG, Urban, Defence, or Agri sectors.

Key Responsibilities:
Work with team Kawa to apply state-of-the-art remote sensing practices into production workflows.
Identify appropriate data sources and automate collection processes.
Work independently and collaborate with development teams to automate solutions.