Geomatics Atlantic - Nov 14th - 15th


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May 24, 2018
The Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) is excited to be hosting the annual Geomatics Atlantic Conference November 14-15 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Oceans, the largest ecosystem on earth are a vital lifeblood of our planet and mankind. They encompass nearly three quarter of the planet, supplying nearly half our oxygen and contain about 97% of our water. Everyday our oceans face major threats from climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, and a decreases in fish stocks.

This years Geomatics Atlantic theme is Oceans of Data and will explore innovation, cutting edge R&D, and the future of geomatics in the marine environment. The term geomatics represents a sector and technology that uses data collected by many different groups and connects many different sectors.

GANS have reached out to researchers, organizations and companies actively working on marine and coastal focused projects to create a cross-sectorial conference that includes: fisheries & aquaculture, energy & resources, mapping/hydrography, environment characterization, marine spatial planning, climate change, military applications, ocean technology and big data, all connected through geomatics.

Come check out the list of presenters and registered organizations, as well as more info on the event at
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