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May 22, 2018
The Geo-Kids program was started in 2013 by some self-motivated helpful GIS Folks at Noble Energy. The idea was to show kids that geography could be a career path choice. We have developed many lessons that go with the 6th grade curriculum of the local school district. We started with hardcopy maps but have switched to mostly digital. The hardcopy was too much of a burden on the instructors to prepare and the school has laptops for every student now.
We are able to take advantage of the Google Chromebooks and school accounts that give student anonymous access to the entire google suite. Attached are many of the lessons taught to the students. They slides are sometimes branded with company specific content that may need to be edited for your use, but feel free to use these as templates.
Teaching is very rewarding! I feel exhausted after each trip, but enthused to return the next time. The outreach effort to the community is hard to measure but I know it is appreciated. The kids smiling faces will brighten your day and keep you coming back. Inspiring the next generation of GIS professionals by making geography just outside, not across the world.



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Jan 26, 2018
It must be quite enjoyable to see the kids' minds open up. In a way, that's how I feel when I can get fellow geospatial enthusiasts together for meeting, talking, and networking (which is probably why I created this website).

Nice attachments. I particularly enjoyed the RockCycle and Plate Tectonics. (I have a BS in Geology)
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