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May 23, 2018
Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of contribution from those who know more about Geospatial Information. How much of this is covered already by standard data practices. Does anyone understand the intent of the Geospatial Bill they've been working on? I'm refereing to S.1253 Geospatial Act. Does anyone have any good general guidelines or advice for me on these standards. It seems like nothing SOLID has been put in place. I work with plenty of local government, and want to inform them without scaring anyone off, especially with the towns I work with (populations from 400 to 20,000 town to city and then also county entities).

Any input you have would be appreciated!




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May 4, 2018
I read it when it was revised last year, but can't for the life of me remember anything substantial from that experience. All I know is from reading this article from GeoLounge: Is the Newly Revised Geospatial Data Act Worth Supporting?

There's also this article: Geospatial Data Act Sets Table for Performance and Accountability

And this one: Geospatial Data Act Exposes Geospatial Community Division

It seems like it's something that has been rewritten and reintroduced multiple times since 2015 and nothing has come out of it. Once I get a chance to reread it, I'll get back to you with my own thoughts.

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