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(From the website)
gvSIG Crime is the solution offered by the gvSIG Association to organize, analyze and maintain information related to security and crime. A platform adapted to the needs of each organization and territory, that includes several components, an important web part that establishes the necessary computer infrastructure to organize, share and access spatial information, with all types of spatio-temporal analysis tools, support for field tasks, …, and components that are more oriented to advanced analysis such as the desktop Geographic Information System (GIS).

It is precisely in this last part where this crime analysis course is focused, which is intended as an introduction to the use of gvSIG Desktop, an open source GIS software, as fundamental software to optimize the analysis of criminal information.

The course does not intend to make an exhaustive tour of all the gvSIG Desktop tools, and it’s focused on carrying out through practical exercises an invitation to explore the potential of its use in criminology.

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