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May 24, 2018
Pensacola, FL
Hey everyone, I'm an archaeologist working in cultural resource management, surveying all across the southeastern U.S. I use GIS on an irregular basis for meeting my mapping and data management needs for this work, but mostly I use it for my own personal projects. I've been working on a large database of 18th-century Creek/Seminole Indian villages and trading posts in the Southeast for about 2 years now, which integrates historical manuscript data (text and cartographic materials) with geography. It will eventually be released as an interactive web map for the public to view and query. I frequent a few other places to build my rather novice skills in GIS and figured I would join up here to help continue that trend. Wishing you lots of luck with the site :)
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Hello, and welcome to our new community.

I love archaeology. I wish I could say that I worked with it, but unfortunately, I don't. (Although I do occasionally get the Archaeology magazine subscription for myself.) I love history, in general, and really hope that people start showcasing great historical projects. I do work with a couple people who deal with archaeological sites and help them out with their data and maps. (All the data is in Nad27 because it is years old.)

I look forward to any information you share with us. Please, feel free to post your projects in the Archaeology & Paleontology forum.