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Android Developing a mobile GIS tool for mapping and recording attributes of the water network in real-time


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Jun 18, 2018
Ben here. Am a Masters student in Uganda working with the national water utility. I desire to do research in developing a customised open-source mobile GIS tool my department for field data collection and upload in realtime to our deployed ArcGIS Server. Seeking advice on workflow, software and the like.


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May 4, 2018
Why do you want open-source for your mobile tool? If you have ArcGIS Server, you may be able to create it using Esri ArcStudio. Based on my experience though, it seems annoying and expensive to actually deploy the app in phone stores, i.e. it costs $99/ year to have an iTunes Developer Account to deploy something in the app store and $25 for the Android PlayStore. That said, I've never done it so I don't exactly know the process very well, just my limited research into the matter.

There's other options if you aren't interested in a fully customized app. There's three mobile data collection options through Esri, and, again since you have Server, you probably definitely could use them: Survey123, Collector, and GeoForms.

GeoJobe has a great comparison of the three here.

Basically, Survey123 is a downloadable app (our phone browser based) and you can customize the forms on there with predefined questions. Collector is also a downloadable app for your phone and it allows you to collect more spatially precise information (e.g. draw points, lines, areas while in the field). GeoForms are phone browser based and collects data through customizable forms. I think GeoForms are the easiest to deploy. All of them should update in real-time on your Server, but someone correct me.
Hope this helps!

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