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Converting mapping in OSGB36 to WGS84


gO Newbie
Jul 24, 2020
Hopefully someone could offer me some direction with a mapping problem I’m having…

I need to transform a section of vector mapping I have in AutoCAD which is accurate to OSGB36, so that it is accurate to WGS84.

I used an online co-ordinate conversion tool to get WGS co-ordinates for a couple of points on the mapping then scaled (and rotated) the mapping so the 2 points to fit to the new WGS co-ordinates.

However when I check the WGS co-ordinates of a third point it doesn’t convert back to the OSGB36 co-ordinates as it should.

Why isn’t this working, is it even possible? The fact that I had to rotate the mapping is confusing to me, do osgb36 and wsg84 have different norths?
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