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Suggestion Avenza Maps (PdfMaps)


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Feb 26, 2018
This is extremely light weight. Think more of a read only map... that you create.
I go Jeeping/Hiking frequently. Being out and about, #1, I know exactly where I am at any given time (hard map, compass). It's a safety thing.
Beyond that, I like a quick view to see where I am. This is where technology is allowed to enter. In this case, Avenza Maps (available on iPhone and Android).
Essentially it's a geoPDF viewer. I like it as I can bring in maps I make. Simple or busy maps. With or without backgrounds. AND most importantly, it can be seen while offline.

Avenza Maps is not intended for GIS collection or GIS feature identification. I might give this up for a shapefile feature viewer app (iPhone or Android). But one requirement for me is that it can be used offline. For my purposes, the more simple, the better. I'm throwing the concept out here in case someone else hadn't seen it.

My daughter and I hiked the Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim, this past summer. Having a simple map available for a quick view was extremely nice.

I'll be evaluating QField (QGIS Mobile) soon. Been watching it develop for some time now. I could see coincident data collection (trail capture) being quite nice.

Anyway, respond with other mobile software and your experiences with them. At least for this thread, highlight the offline capabilities and data interaction (identify/update).


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May 24, 2018
recently purchased Backroad GPS Maps for our handheld Garmin GPS unit, the detail it adds is pretty adequate for the scale and use. Much like Avenza Maps or any other smart phone app the I would not suggest using it for feature identification
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