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News Article on estimating lake volume using the Delaunay Triangulation

Oct 21, 2018
I've just posted an article that discusses a technique for using the Constrained Delaunay Triangulation to estimate the volume of a lake using sounding data and a digitized shoreline (via a Shapefile). Although the article uses tools from the Tinfour software project, I do think the technique it discusses is general enough that it will be of interest to the GIS community.

You can find the article at https://github.com/gwlucastrig/Tinfour/wiki/Using-the-Delaunay-to-Compute-Lake-Volume-Part-1


P.S. In the article, I discuss how I used the Delaunay Triangulation to process data sets giving bathymetry information for Lake Victoria in Africa. I am currently looking for other examples of suitable data and would appreciate it if anyone has a lead on where I can find good test data. My technique requires soundings (point-samples) and digitized shoreline information (constraints). It would work on any kind of enclosed body of water. It would also work on other features, such as glaciers, mountains, etc. I've done a few web searches, but haven't had much luck. So if anyone knows of usable resources, I'd be grateful to hear about them.