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May 23, 2018
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Hey everyone,

So I just wanted to get the ball rolling in this forum. Please list experience you've had with using Collector with other HIGH ACCURACY tools. You may not be a surveyor, but have the basic knowledge such as tools etc... Collector is continuing to develop and as of right now the two compatible units that I know of are Trimble's R-1 and R-2. The nice thing about the R-2 unit is that you can upgrade it to the level of service you desire, but anything beyond on SBAS, you need a subscription. The SBAS was giving me about 2' of accuracy horizontally which is pretty good, but I have a hard time justifying a $2,500 unit to clients that want to be able to manage construction as it happens. I've attempted to collect using R-8 units in Collector, and they say it's not compatible, but I was able to get the R-8 units up and running for short moments. Enough where I could keep opening and closing the app and it would run long enought to collect 3 or 4 points at about 6 inch horizontal accuracy.

The issues I see Collector facing is that they're still on the Ellipsoid model. I have heard of Trimble's own Collector program. Has anyone had any experience with that? How are you trying to integrate GPS units into your workflows? Right now I'm doing a double entry style workflow where you collect the data on a standard collector with preconfigured points so that you can do a table join later on. However I'd like to be able to offer a more convenient workflow and be able to get our staff engineers using GIS to track daily logs on sites as well as locate where these things are happening. Say for example they're doing a coatings inspection and come across a whole line of pipe that wasn't done according to the project specs. Yes of course they can just take the photo and call the contractor out on it, but providing documentation as these things happening so when the owner gets the bill they can better show on a map too where this is happening. Many applications where higher accuracy would be significant. I've also sent them out with plans with pre-existing drawings, but there was mention that they would be able to update the plans as they're out in the field as they need to happen.

Short, how are you using high accuracy GPS with GIS? Experience in documentation with GIS and GPS integration out in the field? Less post processing more active information...




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Jun 6, 2018
We use the Leica GG04 plus with both the Esri Collector for ArcGIS app as well as Leica's Zeno Mobile Professional software.

I believe Esri offers a ArcToolbox tool on GitHub that allows you to project the Z value of the data collected, so that should eliminate the issue with ellipsoid heights only.

We use Zeno Mobile for projects that require an accurate orthometric height. This software is very easy to use and setup your feature library.