1. Philip

    Free - Latest News and Blog Posts

    This is a website I made to help me see the latest news. It's actually quite handy. I went ahead and put a place where you can link to your own website, as well...even if its business related. Submit your link. I was surprised with how helpful it turned out to be, so I opened it up to the...
  2. Philip

    News Complete: Website Down for Updates (Monday, Feb 18)

    I will be taking the website down for a little bit (hopefully 1 hour or so) tomorrow, Monday, Feb 18, 2019, for some updates. There was a major update to the software that I use for these forums and I am finally ready to implement the update. Sorry, but that is why I waited to open up new...
  3. Philip

    News New Section: The Resources!

    I am happy to announce that a new section has been opened on this website. The Resources! The Resources section will be a handy place. Do you have training presentations you'd like to share? Post them there! Does your company provide data? Link to it with the Resources. Do you sell your own...