1. sakshamb

    Hi Greetings from Indshine Inc.

    Your Name: Saksham Bhutani Why did you choose your particular username? Name What year did you start in your geospatial career? 2016 What geospatial niches have you worked in? Transportation, Oil & Gas and Mining What are your specialized/focal areas in GIS? GIS software development Outside of...
  2. CanadianGIS

    Event 2020 Canadian Geospatial Career Fairs (Toronto, Ottawa, & Vancouver)

    2020 Canadian Geospatial Career Fairs (Toronto, Ottawa, & Vancouver) Based on the incredible success of our Future of Geospatial Careers Event last June, GoGeomatics is bringing this format to Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver (and possibly events in other Canadian Cities) Jonathan Murphy...
  3. Shimonti Paul

    Community Planning How important GIS is to urban planning?

    GIS has become ubiquitous. It has permeated almost every sphere of human life today. In such a scenario, how can the aspect of living not get touched by the magic of GIS? Using GIS in urban planning, planners can take urbanization to new scales. GIS provides planners, surveyors, and engineers...
  4. CanadianGIS

    Local Group Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia

    The Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) is a non-profit association created to promote the Geomatics Industry in Nova Scotia, while helping to make it competitive both domestically and internationally, and increasing its contribution to the economy. Through a collaboration among a broad...