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  1. Advice How to analyse/ split up property data - mid and end terrace using Gis

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I currently have vector property data relating to Detached, Semi-detached and Terrace property types. Is there any way of further dividing Terrace houses into Mid and end-terrace sub types using GIS ?? Any help would be amazing !!
  2. Advice GIS data sources for London, UK

    Hi, I have been asked to research various GIS data sources for London (UK). I was wondering whether anybody can give me pointers of where to start looking. Ideally I would prefer open source, but paid for is fine if up to date and detailed. In particular I am currently looking at:- -...
  3. Advice Spatial data survey advice !

    Hello, I am currently building a survey to find out the needs and use of spatial data in the environmental sector. However I am stumped on how to ask the questions "what data do you need" and "where do you ge. I am not particularly sure how to word it, I was hoping to make the answers multiple...
  4. pokateo

    Free Fishing Efforts and Vessels dataset

    From the Global Fishing Watch
  5. Other New cloud GIS platform looking for beta testers

    Hi everyone, we are looking for testers for our newly launched EOS Platform. It is a cloud-based platform you can use to work with geospatial data. There are 4 tools included, each has its own functions and they all are mutually integrated, which means you can quickly switch between various...
  6. HDMS & Standard GIS

    Hello @LittleRockLiDAR

    Hey Everyone! I am the CEO of HDMS & Standard GIS, INC. We are a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) in Central Arkansas (North Little Rock). We have been in the Architectural industry for over 30 years, but one year ago we started offering enterprise GIS solutions, Aerial/Mobile LiDAR scanning...
  7. Joseph Kerski

    Guide New working lists of state and federal geospatial data portals

    Here is my review of the new working lists of state and federal geospatial data portals - be sure to see the April 2018 comment I posted at the end for an update: --Joseph Kerski