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Paid NEW BOOK! ---- Map Men

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More than just colorful clickbait or pragmatic city grids, maps are often deeply emotional tales: of political projects gone wrong, budding relationships that failed, and countries that vanished. In Map Men, Steven Seegel re-creates the public and private worlds of East Central Europe’s geographers as they interacted with and influenced one another. Multilingual geographers played key roles in defining and redefining borders, territories, nations—and, ultimately, the interconnection of the world through two world wars. Seegel’s innovative book reexamines not only key treaties but also the families and friendships, generational sagas, and interrupted professional lives that lay hidden in the history of science and technology, the everyday microworlds behind the rise of Nazism and Stalinism, and the reasons why East Central Europe became the dramatic stage of such developments.

my Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/steven_seegel
my ACADEMIA site: https://unco.academia.edu/StevenSeegel
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