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Geodesy Course

Paid Geodesy Course 2019-01-04

No permission to buy ($24.95)
Vendors provide GIS equipment and software training, but not the basic concepts necessary to develop professional judgment. This course of 15 pre-recorded lectures explains datums, geoids, transformations, RMSE, confidence intervals, and least squares in a way that is easy to understand, without going overboard with complexity. With this knowledge it will be much easier to discuss GIS operations and to follow technical articles. Rent each lecture for 24 hours and watch it when convenient on your favorite device, when internet is available. The price of $24.95 as shown is for each lecture. Over 300 students have already taken this course (live version), and you can now learn the same material for much less money. Nota: Este curso tambien estara disponible en Espanol.
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