A Message For Businesses

This is a message for any geospatial businesses. In summary, this message contains suggestions on getting the most out of this website.

At gO, we want to help you promote your business, expand your footprint, and help you. We welcome you (as a person) and your business to become part of this community. This page is to showcase the resources that are available to you. In order to provide the most benefits, follow these steps.

1) Provide 1-5 Contacts (Business Representatives)
2) Post in the Products & Services Showcase
3) Use the Calendar
4) Use the Resources (Coming Soon)
5) Upgrade to a gO Business Account


We want to provide easy access for your current clients or potential clients to access you. We are requesting that you provide contacts that may be used as primary contacts on our forums. They will be listed in the Business Reps page. Their accounts will get the "Business Rep" badge. These contacts must have a registered account (and actually use the account).

What is the benefit? If a user has questions or needs help on your company's products or services, they can find your company's representative and ask them. A user can also tag them in a post to bring the post to their attention. We are flexible on the number of accounts. If one account has a specialty, such as Sales, let us know and we can stipulate Sales: @username, Tech Support: @username. Feel free to complete this form: Submit Business Reps to give us the information needed for the Business Reps webpage. Other benefits: If a user is constantly posting, then their name will get out there. They will be known and the association with your business will be a huge benefit. That is why we promote having your representatives being active in this community.


The Products & Services Showcase is available for anyone on this website to see and any member to publish. The forum, Products & Services Showcase, can be found at the Business Listings & Showcase section. Create a new thread for your business and put on your best show (and don't forget to answer any questions that may come by members (potential and current customers).


Does your business holds training classes, webinars, or meetings? If so, you can add the event to the calendar and a thread gets automatically created for the event. After an event is created in the calendar, you can invite specific members to the event or have everyone RSVP through the calendar. By using the RSVP feature, they will get an alert about the upcoming event (as a reminder).

To create an event, go to the calendar tab and click on Submit event. Fill in all of the information. If it's an online event, then put the URL in the venue box. Once the event is submitted, it will automatically create a thread in one of two forums that you specify. If you need to publicize your event in more threads, then feel free to post a link in those threads.


Coming Soon


Upgrading to a "gO business" account comes with many perks. See below for some of the the perks:

A) "gO Business" Badge: The highly noticeable "gO Business" badge which lets members know that you support this website. This badge is seen with all of your posts and profile views. Its easy to see and grabs attention.

B) Business Lounge: Perhaps the best perk is access to the exclusive Business Lounge. This Lounge provides private forums for businesses (and gO Educators) like you that have the upgraded account. Feel free to post questions, offer tips, or simply roam around. Information on account upgrades including the benefits can be found here: Account Upgrade Information

C) Business Listing: Only a user with a gO Business account can add their business to the Business Listing. Once upgraded, we will add your Business information to the Business Listing page. This is shown in several areas of this website. Feel free to complete the Business Listing form to give us the information needed for the Business Listing webpage. We will need the Company Name, 1-5 contacts that are registered on this website (the @username is what we need), the URL for your company's website, and a brief description of the services your company offers. We are flexible with the number of contacts. For example, if one contact is Sales, one is Tech Support, let us know and we can put that. Please note: At least 1 person must maintain the "go Business" upgraded account to keep the company listed on the Business Listing page. Also, if you'd like us to pull from your RSS feed, then let us know the URL on the Business Listing form. If you have changes to the listing, simply complete the form again and we will make the change.

D) Advertise With Us: This website is setup to help advertise your products for free or promote them through advertising. Banners, featured sticky posts, and featured Resources are currently the methods available, but are effective. Visit our Ads Management page to view the advertising options. Oh yes, I did mention free options, as well. You are allowed to promote your business and products within the Products & Services Showcase forum. See #2 above.

Advertise Here

E) Sponsor a Raffle: As you know, we all like free things. This website is setup to hold raffles, including multiple raffles at a time with set rules. Each raffle can customize the target members and give out custom prizes to a custom number of winners. Prizes can be digital or physical goods. Contact us with any raffle ideas you have. If your company simply wants to pay the membership upgrade fees for a winner, we can set that up. Just contact us with any ideas you have and we can make it happen.


Click here to upgrade your account: account upgrades.

We will continue to look for ways to help your business out. If you have suggestions, feel free to let us know at the Website Suggestions & Feedback forum.