A Message From geospatial Online

A welcome message from Philip, creator of geospatial Online (gO).

The geospatial world is huge. GIS is used in multiple industries, applications, and in the average person's daily routine. Most people don't even know what we do. When I started doing GIS, no one around me knew what GIS was. Now, that is changing. GIS is getting more known, becoming integrated into numerous industries and technologies, and is quickly expanding to nearly every country.

While looking, I realized that there was no general forums for GIS users. I decided to make some. This website is the result. geospatial Online (gO) was built for the community. It is a community of forums built for you. I am hoping that you become part of this community and participate with questions, answers, and just have fun.

This website is trying to bridge the gap between users, professionals, suppliers, and businesses. If you sell goods or services, you are welcome to sell them here. I just ask that you post your goods in the appropriate sections, do not spam (especially in conversations), and follow the rules. I invite you to showcase anything interesting that you have been working on.

This industry would be nothing if it wasn't for the businesses that run it and the extremely knowledgeable users who solve problems. We have tried to make this website available for the newbie, the professional, and the varying businesses that cater to.. well... the rest of the world!

Please take a look around, join in the conversations, and enjoy yourself.

Philip Roy, GISP
@Philip Philip Roy, GISP

gO Twitter: @GeospatialXYZ
LinkedIn: PhilipRoyGISP