Website Administration

Let me first state this, your security is number one. This website does not utilize outside statistics such as Google Analytics to follow users. We believe in your safety and privacy and want you to feel comfortable.

This website utilizes an active malware monitoring scanner. Files uploaded into the Resources section also gets checked by an up-to-date antivirus.

Backup & Restoration: This website is backed up multiple times a day through the website host. The admin of the website also performs manual backups of the website frequently. In the event of an attack or server crash, a backup restoration may become necessary.

Suspicious Files: If we discover any suspicious files, we will immediately delete them. For the website safety, we feel this will be the safest approach.

Website Downtime: In the event of a DDoS attack or the suspicion of a hack, we will disable this website and Tweet details about it. Please feel free to follow our Twitter account at @GeospatialXYZ.