User & Group Badges

As you have seen on this website, users can have badges next to their username. The badges are listed below in groups which describes their meanings.

The following badges show the account type that a member has. These account types can be purchases here: Account Upgrades. Full benefits can be found here: Account Upgrades.

gO Business - This account is setup more for businesses, but can be used by anyone.

gO Educator - This account is setup more for educators, colleges, or universities, but can be used by anyone.

gO Enthusiast - This account is for the more extreme geospatial enthusiast (who is also supporting this website).

The badges below represent staff members of gO.

Staff Member - This person is a staff member of the gO website. They typically moderate the forums or fix user issues.

If you have any questions regarding any of the badges above please contact us using the Customer Support form. If you have a particular certification program and would like to have a badge created, please contact us. As of right now, college certificate programs and degrees below PhD will not get a badge. (This may change in the future, though.)