The Resources is a section of the website where users or businesses can share files, forward potential clients to their websites, and even sell their resources. Resources can be anything...whether you sell scripts, applications, or services.

All files will have to be pre-approved before getting posted. This does not mean that we have tested all files, but we will perform an antivirus check on them. Please be wary and test files on an offline development setting.


Resource Owners have the option to feature their resources. Follow the steps below to feature your product(s).
1) Upload your resource. Fill in as much info as possible.
2) Once it is approved and live, click here to go to the Ads Manager.
3) Click on the "View packages" button.
4) Click on "Featured In Resource Tab"
5) Type a name (for you to know what you are looking at).
6) Find Your resource that you'd like to Featured.
7) Click Save.


In the future, it may become necessary to lock down certain categories to privileged groups. For example, only gO Enthusiasts, gO Business, and gO Educators may be allowed to post in the Software categories. This will happen once spamming, phishing, or virus uploaders have found this website and begun to attempt to break it.