New User Restrictions


To keep our website safe from abuse and spam, we place limits on new accounts. The limits are outlined below. To remove these restrictions, new members (denoted by the title "gO Newbie") should post high-quality and helpful content on until their account is automatically granted access to these features.

Bypass the restrictions:
New members may upgrade their account to bypass the New Member restrictions immediately.


New members cannot create threads in the following forums, but they can post replies to existing threads:
News & Blog Postings
Classifieds Section (Stolen Equipment posting is allowed.)
New members can only create 5 new threads per day throughout the whole website.
New members can only post 10 replies in threads per day until they are an established member or have upgraded their membership.

Private Conversations
New members have limitations when it comes to private conversations. They cannot initiate a private conversation. A new member also cannot add more people to a conversation (if a current member initiates a conversation). A new member cannot upload file attachments to a private conversation.

Profile Posts
New members have limitations when it comes to profile posts. Only established gO Members may comment on another member's profile.

New members are not able to create signatures which are shown with all of their posts. Only established gO Members may create a signature and have media and links within their signature blocks.

All registered members can view Chat, however, you must be an established gO Member to actually use chat. New members should continue to use the forums, and they'll automatically be granted permission to chat once they've established themselves as an established gO Member.

Upgrade Now
New users have the option to upgrade their account at anytime to bypass the restrictions.