The Groups are a new social aspect to this website which allows you to take charge, network, and publicize yourself or your business. They are made for a specific purpose. They are member-created public or private groups. The part that makes them great is that You can create one! Any user can create a group for any specific purpose. Perhaps youʻd like to create a dev group. You can do that. Want to create a GIS social group specifically for Boston? Create it here. Groups are a great addition to this website and will allow you to take control, creating a membership group for your specific interest.


• Separate section for custom member-driven groups
• Create Group Forum
• Create Group Discussion area (see below)
• Create Group Photo Album
• Create Group Event Calendar
• Add/Remove Group Moderators
• Groups can be open, private or invite only
• Transfer Group Ownership
• and more...


• You can create a open Dev Group for the greater Seattle area.
• You can create a private group for your companyʻs clients.
• You can create a GIS group for your college.
• You can create a by-request-only membership group for you geospatially-driven drone group.
• The options are endless. Your group must be related to the geospatial realm.


When creating your own group, you have the option of adding a forum (with subforums) and/or a discussion area. What is the difference? Well, it may be a little hard to explain. Your preference may determine which you use. Think of group discussions as giant conversations (private or otherwise). Forums, on the other hand, are exactly like the forums on this website. If you haven't already, join the "gO Groups Owners" group and play around or create your own Test Group. For the sake of less confusion, it is recommended to have either the forums or the discussion area.

Warning: Unfortunately, after it is setup, you cannot change to the other format (change from Forums to Discussion). You can delete a section at any time, though.

A forum can only be created during the initial setup of a group. You cannot create a forum later on. You can, however, create subforums later on as long as your forum was created during the initial setup of the group.


The group has the ability to maintain a custom Photo Album. This is a simple photo album, where anyone can upload photos.


The group has the ability to maintain a custom Photo Album. This is a simple photo album, but may come in handy for your groups needs.


The Group calendar is a great way to see upcoming events that are specific to your group. The "Groups" calendar is a separate calendar from the main website's calendar. If you have a public event, please put the event in both calendars, your group calendar and the gO Calendar.


Where can I test the options? You are welcome to create a Group within the "Miscellaneous Groups" -> "Testing Groups". It is highly recommended to play around with the test group first before you make a public group. We recommend that you make this test Group private.

This test Group does count toward the total number if groups that you can create. Please delete the Group when you have finished playing around. Test Groups will get deleted automatically after 2 weeks of non-use by a website administrator.

How many Groups can I create?

There is the possibility to have many Groups within this website. In order to help maintain the number of Groups, this website is restricting the number that you can create based on user privileges. See below for the number of groups.

• New user (less than 10 posts and active less than 3 days): 0 Groups
• Registered user, free account: 1 Group
• gO Enthusiast: 3 Groups
• gO Business: 7 Groups
• gO Educator: 7 Groups

Do I need to maintain a gO upgrade?

No, you do not need to maintain the upgrade after the Groups are created. However, it is recommended. The funds received help this website to run. The funds go to maintenance, website hosting, licensing, upgrades, custom coding, etc. Think of the leadership/networking aspect, as well. With a gO Enthusiast, gO Business, or gO Educator upgrade, you show that you truly are enthusiastic about this industry. You get a banner under your username and additional perks, as well. Maintaining a gO upgrade is not mandatory, but it is suggested and it helps out this website, which is highly appreciated.


• Hidden Private Group - Check this until your group is 100% completely setup and you are ready to go public. You can change this setting easily to make your group public simply by clicking on Owner Tools - Edit Group and unchecking.

What are some suggested Groups?

There are many different types of Groups that can be created. Below are a list of possible options. Please come up with a unique name for your Group. The groups must be geospatially-related, though.

• Dev Group
• Business Group
• Social Group
• Local Group
• Software Group
• Niche Group
• Industry Group


Have a question? Contact @Philip or ask in the "gO Group Owners" group.