Rules for using the Chat

1. No soliciting. No self promotional advertising. Do not post links to your own websites trying to sell services or products. Do not post affiliate links or codes in chat. To promote your services/products, please use our showcase forums.
2. Do not post links to your classifieds sales in chat. If someone requests a link, start a private conversation with them.
3. Do not conduct business in chat; use the forums or private messages.
4. Be honest, professional, and respectful to other members. Do not misrepresent yourself as a moderator or an administrator.
5. Do not harrass other members.
6. No adult images or adult content of any kind. Keep the rooms PG-13.
7. No vulgar or obscene language.
8. Only speak English in the Chat.
9. Standard gO website rules apply unless exceptions are described above.

Alert the Mods:

An occasional unintended offense is allowed, but the moderators want to make sure that it is not deliberate and common. Please alert the moderators by anonymously flagging the comment to alert the moderator. We will warn the user. After enough warnings, the user may get kicked out of Chat and/or banned.